AT888 resetter

AT 88 Chip Reseter

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How make your AT 88 Chip Resetter:

Why buy a chip reseter with 400€ - 800€ when you can buid your own with only 50€ (schematics and software)?

When you make a payment you will receive schematics and build info. Building time will take only 20 - 30 minutes depending of your skills.

The software contains two programs(read/write software for chips based on 24Cxx and read/write software for chips based on at88sc0204) and a colection of chips dumps.

You can read/write and convert chips like:

Chip based on AT88SC0204C, АТ88SC0204CA:
Samsung ML-1630
Samsung ML-1631
Samsung ML-2850
Samsung ML-2851
Samsung ML-3050
Samsung ML-3051
Samsung ML-3470
Samsung ML-3471
Samsung ML-3472
Samsung ML-4050
Samsung ML-4550
Samsung ML-4551
Samsung SCX-4500
Samsung SCX-4501
Samsung SCX-4725
Samsung SCX-5330
Samsung SCX-5525
Samsung SCX-5530
Samsung CF-560
Samsung CF-565
Samsung SF-560
Samsung SF-565
Samsung CLP-350 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Samsung CLP-351 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Samsung CLP-610 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Samsung CLP-660 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Samsung CLX-6200 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Samsung CLX-6210 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Samsung CLX-6240 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Xerox Phaser-3200 MFP
Xerox Phaser-3250
Xerox Phaser-3300 MFP
Xerox Phaser-3428
Xerox Phaser-3435
Xerox Phaser-3600
Xerox Phaser-3635 MFP
Ricoh Aficio SP-3200 SF
Ricoh Aficio SP-3300
Ricoh Aficio SP-5100 N
Gestetner SP-3200 SF
Gestetner SP-3300
Gestetner SP-5100 N
Chip based on 24c02/24c04:
Dell-1320С (Bl/M/C/Y)
Xerox Docuprint-205 (Emulator)
Xerox Docuprint-255 (Emulator)
Xerox Docuprint-305 (Emulator)
Xerox Docuprint-C1110 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Xerox Docuprint-C1110 (Image Unit)
Xerox WC-PE220
Xerox WC-PE120
Xerox WC-M20i
Xerox WC-4118
Xerox WC-3119
Xerox WC Pro-423 (Emulator)
Xerox WC Pro-428 (Emulator)
Xerox WC-7328 (Drum Chip)
Xerox WC-7335 (Drum Chip)
Xerox WC-7345 (Drum Chip)
Xerox WC-7346 (Drum Chip)
Xerox Phaser-850 (Drum Chip)
Xerox Phaser-7760 (Drum Chip)
Xerox Phaser-7750 (Drum Chip)
Xerox Phaser-7700 (Drum Chip)
Xerox Phaser-6140 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Xerox Phaser-6130 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Xerox Phaser-6128 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Xerox Phaser-6125 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Xerox Phaser-6110 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Xerox Phaser-6110 (Image Unit)
Xerox Phaser-6100 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Xerox Phaser-6360 (Bl/M/C/Y) (Emulator)
Xerox Phaser-5335
Xerox Phaser-3500
Xerox Phaser-3450
Xerox Phaser-3420
Xerox Phaser-3425
Xerox Phaser-3150
Xerox Phaser-4510 (Emulator)
Ricoh Aficio P-2600
Ricoh Aficio P-2610
Ricoh Aficio C-220 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Ricoh Aficio C-221 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Ricoh Aficio C-222 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Ricoh Aficio CL-4000 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Ricoh Aficio SPC-410 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Ricoh Aficio SPC-411 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Ricoh Aficio SPC-420 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Samsung SCX-6220
Samsung SCX-6320
Samsung SCX-4250
Samsung SCX-4520
Samsung SCX-4720
Samsung SCX-4200
Samsung ML-1661 (Region UKR)
Samsung ML-1861 (Region UKR)
Samsung ML-1866 (Region UKR)
Samsung ML-3560
Samsung ML-3561
Samsung ML-2550/2551/2552
Samsung ML-2250/2251/2252
Samsung ML-2150/2151/2152
Samsung CLP-600 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Samsung CLP-600 (Image Unit)
Samsung CLP-650 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Samsung CLP-650 (Image Unit)
Samsung CLP-510 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Samsung CLP-510 (Transfer)
Samsung CLP-300 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Samsung CLP-300 (Image Unit)
Samsung CLP-300 (Formater)
Gestetner DSm-520
Gestetner 7126
Gestetner 7132
Gestetner 7535
Gestetner SP-C220 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Gestetner SP-C221 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Gestetner SP-C222 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Gestetner GX-2500 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Gestetner GX-3000 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Gestetner CL-4000 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Gestetner SPC-410 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Gestetner SPC-411 (Bl/M/C/Y)
Gestetner SPC-420 (Bl/M/C/Y)
MB Office Center-220
MB Office Center-221
Toshiba 200s
Toshiba DP-1820
Tally Genicom-9022

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Sharp ANALOG & DIGITAL Copier Simulatio and Test Codes

Sharp ANALOGIC Copier and Test Codes_

Press & hold [0] key for total count.

Press: [Clear], [Inerrupt], [0], [Interrupt] .


[Clear], [0],[0],[Clear].


[Clear], [Repeat], [0], [Pause]

Then enter Simulation # and press [Print Key] to enter selected simulation.


Sharp DIGITAL Copier Error Reset Codes

NOT all codes apply to all copiers ! _ Timing will vary from copier to copier.

AR-150,151,& 155 - Trouble Reset

Press: [Clear], [Exposure Select Key], [Clear], [Exposure Select Key], then [1], [4], [Start Key].

AR-150,151,& 155 - Drum Counter Reset

Press: [Clear], [Exposure Select Key], [Clear], [Exposure Select Key], then [2], [4], [Start Key], [7], [Start Key].

AR-160,200,205,; DM-2000,2005,2010 & 2015 - Trouble Reset

Press: [Clear], [Inerrupt], [0], [Interrupt], [1], [4], [Start Key].

AR-160,200,205,; DM-2000,2005,2010 & 2015 - Drum Counter Reset

Press: [Clear], [Inerrupt], [0], [Interrupt], [2], [4], [Start Key], [7], [Start Key].

Sharp AR-151 Digital Error Codes

Main CodeSub CodeTrouble                    CodeDetail

E7     01            Duplex Memory Error          Cancel with 26-39

E7     03            HSYNC Not detected          Laser Diode APC trouble

E7     04            CCD White level Trouble      Copy Lamp Lighting ...

E7     05            CCD Black Level Trouble     CCD Drive Circuit

E7     12            Shading Trouble                  Dirt on white Plate for Scanning        

                                                                  White Level

E7     14           ASIC Connection Trouble      No Connection CPU and ASIC

E7     15           Copy Lamp Disconnection    Copy Lamp Drive Circuit

L1      00          Feeding not Completed         Mirror Home

                       Timed out

L3     01           Return not completed           Mirror sensors

L4     01           Main Motor Lock

L6     10           Polygon Motor Lock

H2     00          Thermistor

H3     00          High Temperature

H4     00          Low Temperature

U2     01          Sum Check Error                  EEPROM Abnormal

F6     80          Com Trouble fax - PWB         Protocol

F6     81          Com Trouble fax - PWB         Parity

F6     82          Com Trouble fax - PWB         Overrun

F6     84          Com Trouble fax - PWB         Framing

F6     88          Com Trouble fax - PWB         Timed Out

F6     10f         Fax PWB Trouble


Xerox code error ( Model 5320 )

Code Description
A1-11 Original ready switch
A1-12 Feed sensor
Original ready switch and document registration sensor or both the document feed sensor
and document registration sensor
A1-22 ADF registration sensor
A1-23 Original did not reach ADF registration sensor quickly enough
A1-24 ADF sensor stuck down too long
A1-25 ADF sensor actuated at the wrong time during single sheet feed
A1-26 ADF sensor not actuated quickly enough in sheet feed mode
A1-31 In reverse, ADF sensor is not actuated soon enough
A1-32 In reverse, ADF sensor is actuated too long
Original ready sensor and ADF exit switch are actuated or ADF feed in sensor and ADF exit
switch are both actuated
A2-2 ADF exit switch
A2-3 ADF exit switch is not actuated on time
A3-1 Wrong size original sensed in 1 to 1 mode
A3-2 Wrong size original sensed in the 2:1 mode
A5 ADF interlock
A6-1 Reset original
A6-2 Reset sheet feeder
A7 Document cover interlock
A8 ADF interlock at exit end
C1-2 Paper feed problem in tray 1
C1-3 Paper does not reach registration
C3-1 Paper feed problem from tray 3
C3-2 Paper feed problem from tray 3
C3-3 Paper feed problem from tray 1
C6-1 Duplex paper feed problem
C6-2 Duplex and/or tray 1 paper feed problem
C6-3 Paper feed problem from tray 1
C7-1 Paper feed problem from HCF
C7-2 Paper feed problem from HCF on tray 1
C7-3 Paper feed problem from tray 1
C8-1 Paper on tray 1 feed sensor
C8-2 Paper on tray 2 feed sensor
C8-3 Paper on tray 3 feed sensor
C8-4 Paper on HCF feed sensor
C8-5 Paper in duplex section
C9-3 Paper from bypass did not reach registration sensor quickly enough
E1-10toE-15 Paper did not reach exit switch
E1-20toE-25 Paper stayed on registration sensor too long
E1-6 Paper on registration sensor
E3-30toE3-35 Exit switch actuated too long
E3-6 Paper on exit switch
E4-10toE4-45 Paper did not reach inverter switch soon enough
E4-6 Paper on inverter switch
E5 Front door interlock
E6-1 Tray 1 interlock
E6-2 Tray 1 or duplex interlock
E6-3 HCF interlock
E7-2 Duplex inverter interlock
E7-3 Duplex interlock
E8-10toE8-15 Paper on duplex feed sensor is not actuated soon enough
E8-6 Paper in duplex
F1-1 Paper did not reach sorter
F1-2 Paper stayed on sorter feed sensor
F1-6 Paper on sorter exit sensor
F3 Paper size can not stack or sort
F5 Sorter interlock
H2-1 Communication problem between main board and duplex board
H2-2 Side guard sensor problem
H3-1 Communication problem between main board and HCF
H3-2 Upper limit sensor problem on HCF
H6-1 ADF size sensor
H6-2 ADF nudgeer sensor
Belt drive motor does not have 24 volts. Black toner is empty, but 100 copies have been run
without changing toner
J1 Black toner is empty, but 100 copies have been run without changing toner
J3 No copy cartridge (drum unit)
J7 Copy cartrige must be replaced
J8-1 Wrong copy cartridge installed
J8-2 Copy cartridge EEPROM must be changed
L6 Key counter not installed
L8 Platen glass too hot
L9 Communication problem between inter image and main board
U1-1 Drive problem
U2-1 Scan home problem
U2-2 Scan home problem or optics problem
U2-3 Scan home problem
U2-4 Scan home problem
U3-1 Lens sensor problem
U4-1 Fuser thermistor open
U4-2 Low fuser temperature
U4-3 High fuser temperature
U4-4 High fuser temperature
U4-6 High fuser temperature
U5-1toU5-4 Sorter bin home problem
U6-1 ROM problem
U6-2 RAM problem
U6-3 Battery
U6-4 NVM problem. Reinitialize.
U8-1 Exposure lamp problem
U8-2 Communication problem main board and exposure board
U8-3 Exposure lamp or exposure lamp board problem

Toshiba ( 2860 )

Code Description
C01 Main motor drive problem
C04 Pedestal main drive problem
C05 Duplex drive problem.
C11 Duplex exit motor.
C12 Duplex end motor.
C13 Upper cassette.
C14 Lower cassette.
C15 Pedestal upper cassette.
C16 Pedestal middle cassette.
C17 Pedestal lower cassette.
C21 Scan problem
C22 Lens problem
C23 Mirror motor
C26 Exposure lamp
C27 Scan motor
C33 Set up failure
C35 Developer at transfer/separator adjustment. This might mean a developer leak or shorted corona.
C41 Fuser thermistor or low temperature.
C43 Fuser problem after warm-up.
C44 Fuser problem after warm-up.
Fuser sub-thermistor open. User problems. Reset required. Turn off power. Hold "0" & "8" keys
C45 while turning power on. Then press "8". Then press "9". Then press "print". You will read "3" in the
display. Using the # keys, press "0" & "9" at the same time.
E01 Jam
E02 Fuser jam
E03 Jam at turn on
E04 Front door opened during copy cycle
E05 Registration jam
E08 Duplex unit jam
E11 Duplex jam
E12 Bypass jam
E13 Upper cassette jam
E14 2nd cassette jam
E15 3rd cassette jam
E16 4th cassette jam
E17 4th cassette jam
E19 CT jam
E21 LCT jam
E22-E25 Paper jams in copier
E71 ADF feed jam
E72 ADF transport jam
E73 ADF exit jam
E74 RADF jam
E75 ADF 2nd original jam
E81-E85 Sorter jam
E88 Jam after sorter

Sharp analog ( SF 2027 )

Code Description
P10 Set or clear departmental counter
P11 Display individual departmental counts
P13 Clear departmental counters
P14 Enter, clear or change department numbers
P16 Change max. number of copies that can be run
P18 Sends alarm if the wrong department number is tried three times in a row
P19 Change code number
P20 Adjust auto exposure
P21 Adjust automautic shufoff
P22 Adjust manual exposure
P23 Adjust auto clear time
P24 Set up fixed magnification settings
P25 Set maximum number of copies or of sets
P26 Binding margin
P27 Border erase setting
P28 Defaults at power on
P29 Display various counts
P30 Auto repeat on or off
P45 Message display time
P70 Auto paper select on or off
P71 Auto cassette select on or off
P72 Maximum copies in duplex
P73 Copy condition in rewrite
P74 Duplex limit when problems with duplex unit
P75 Prevent auto duplex
P76 Prevent stapling
P77 Prevent cover use
P90 List programs

Ricoh ( Model 4022)

Code Description
C1 Front door open
C2 Exit door
C3 Cassette cover
C4 LCT cover
C5 Sorter open or not latched to machine, or fuse 304 on DC power board
C6 ADF cover
C7 Right side cover
E101 Exposure lamp too long
E103 Frequency problem
E120 Scan home problem
E121 Scan home problem
E124 Scan drive problem
E140 Lens home, or fuse 303 on DC board
E141 Lens home sensor, fuse 303 on DC board
E142 Lens home sensor, fuse 303 on DC board
E143 Lens home sensor, fuse 303 on DC board
E144 Mirror sensor, fuse 303 on DC board
E145 Mirror sensor, fuse 303 on DC board
E191 Image density sensor error
E302 Charge roller problem or HVT problem
E346 Bias loss
E351 Image density sensor problem
E352 TD sensor error
E353 Vsp problem. Dirty or bad image density sensor
E354 Vsg problem. Same as E353
E355 Toner density sensor problem
E356 Same as 355
E405 Transfer belt or charge roller drive
E440 Main drive
E442 Drum charge thermistor
E501 Upper lift motor
E502 Lower lift motor
E503 1st tray motor
E504 2nd tray motor
E505 3rd tray motor
E506 Tray main motor drive problem
E507 LCTl lift motor
E522 Jogger sensor
E523 Jogger sensor
E524 Jogger sensor
E525 Jogger sensor
E541 Fuser thermistor
E542 Fuser temperature too low
E543 Fuser temperature too high
E544 Fuser temperature too high
E547 Fuser lamp won’t shut off
E548 Fuser temperature too high or too low
E620 Communication problem between main board and ARDF
E621 Communication problem between main board and sorter
E623 Communication problem between main board and paper trays
E720 Sorter stapler timing roller sensor
E721 Sorter stapler bin lift sensor
E722 Sorter stapler jogger sensor
E723 Sorter stapler grip sensor
E724 Sorter stapler error
E900 Copy counter
E901 Copy counter
U2 Key counter
U6 Fuser unit not installed properly
U7 Duplex unit